Thursday, January 6, 2011


     I have a dog and her name is Spice. She is a miniature dachshund, and even being a miniature she is small because shes the runt of the litter.  She is now like three years old and she used to have a twin sister, but she ran away a couple years ago. 
     Spice is now a spoiled little dog who gets her way more often then now.  She is very cute and  she uses that against me whenever I am mad at her.  Just a few things that make me mad are when she tries to burrow in the seats, which tears them up, and whenever she gets mad at me and she tries to scratch my face off because she wants attention.  But whenever I try to punish her, she just gives me that puppy dog face with her big brown eyes and I just give up because I know that I cant do it anyways.
     As before mentioned, Spice is quite small for a miniature dachsund.  She is black with tan on her face and her feet.  She has brown eyes, and is just about the most unattentive and preppy dog I have ever met.  She is definitely a dog that likes alot of attention, but i wouldnt change her for nothin.