Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     Homecoming week is full of people with tons of spirit and excitement for the upcoming Homecoming game. Personally, I think that homecoming week is pretty darn cooleo.  I like seeing the people dress up for crazy things like Western Wednesday, and Messy Monday.
     Personally, im kind of excited about the game because it brings all of the excitement and festivities of the week to a close.  The Homecoming game is not just another game, it represents the spirit of Batesville High School at its peak, especially now that the football team is doing so well in the season. 
     The fact that there is not going to be a dance for Homecoming is kind of crappy.  I say this because I have always associated Homecoming with a fun game and dance, and without the dance it kind of takes the whole essence of Homecoming away for me.  I firmly think that there should be a Homecoming dance.

Monday, October 18, 2010


     Stephenis Meyers' Twilight really astonished me when I thought it wouldnt.
     Isabella Swan, known as Bella, has just moved across the country to Forks,Washington to live with her dad in a rainy little town that she expected absolutely nothing out of.  But that quickly changes when she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy that she immediately takes a profound liking to.  The part that she is not yet aware of is that Edward is a vampire, and even when she finds out, she just loves him that much more.  Edward and Bella quickly fall in love, but there are many obstacles in their path that they must overcome while maintaining a good relationship (which is not very hard for these two lovers).  This book is an epic tale of literal undying love.
     I do not reccomend this book to anyone because by the time you are done with the fourth book, you will only be wanting and craving more of what you cant have, much like Edward is with Bella, and vice versa.  

Dear John

     Nicholas Sparks' Dear John is exceptional and one of the most amazing books I have ever read. 
     John Tyree is in the U.S. Army when he meets Savannah Lynn Curtis.  For them, it was like love at first sight.  John and Savannah enjoy their two weeks together while John is on leave from the military, and even keep in touch while he is out of the country.  All John wants to do is get home to his beloved one, but just a few months before he is to return, Savannah informs John of her future plans.  Heartbroken, John tries to move on and heal, but he loves her.  This astounding love story gone tragic will jerk your tears and touch you in places you didnt even know existed.
     I reccomend this book to anyone who has ever loved anyone, and even people who hasnt.  Dear John perfectly illustrates the love/hate relationship most people have with love itself.

The Hunger Games

     Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games is an exceptional book that I absolutely love.
     The main characters in this book, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are living in times of hunger and complete control by the Capitol.  As a punishment for rebellion many years ago, the Capitol holds the Hunger Games once a year.  The contestants, one girl and one boy under the age of 18 from each of the 12 districts, are chosen at the reaping by drawing a name out of a bowl and then are forced to go into the arena, which they are expected to kill eachother brutally until all contestants except for one, the winner, are dead.  So when 16 year old Katniss' younger sister, Prim, is drawn out of the bowl, Katniss is forced to do things she never imagined she would be doing and she finds herself falling in love with the one person she should not be falling in love with. 
     I reccomend this book to anyone who loves adventure and suspense, along with a little bit of tears.  This is a very insightful book that brings light to the role of our government and what true love can make people do for one another, whether it be romantic love, family love, or friend love.

The Shack

William Paul Young's The Shack inspired me in ways that I will never be able to explain.  This book is the most influentual and uplifting book I have ever read.
     The Shack is about a man named Mackenzie, known as Mack, who looses his daughter to very unfortunate circumstances, and as he battles his pain with the loss of his daughter, he slowly begins to drift away from God.  What he doesnt know is that through all his pain and suffering, God has his (or maybe her..) own plan to help him through it and bring God and Mack closer together in the most surprising place, also the most hurtful place, Mack has ever been. 
     I highly reccomend this book to anyone over the age of sixteen, because this book is very hard to comprehend and understand.  Anyone who reads this book will instantly fall in love with the characters and learn a very important lesson through Macks own pain and hurt. 

My Antonia book review

Willa Cather's My Anthonia proved to be very intellectual and insightful.
      The main characters in this amazing book are Antonia Shimerda, a girl from Bohemia who has just moved with her family to America, and Jim Burden, a boy who has come to stay with his grandparents.  Jim meets Antonia on a train and they become fast friends, even though Antonia cannot yet speak english.  Jim and his grandparents help the Shimerdas out upon their arrival in America and all throughout the book.  Jim and Antonias friendship grows as the years go on, only for life to make different decisions for them. 
     I highly reccomend this book to anyone who likes to read American classics because this book is definetely a classic that one can learn many lessons from.

1/4th of my Junior year

Well, the first quarter of my Junior year has been okay I guess.  Coming to a new school wasnt easy for me, but so far most of the people in Batesville has been pretty welcoming.  Most of the teachers here are pretty nice and stuff but the work is kind of excessive in how much homework we have.  My friends here are pretty cooleo and I really enjoy being in drama because it gives me something to focus on besides school life. So overall, I guess this year is off to a pretty good start.