Thursday, May 26, 2011

Research Paper

The topic for my research paper is The March of Dimes.  I chose this topic because I knew absolutely nothing about it when I saw it written on the board. 
     I have learned many things about the March of Dimes, but my main focus was how it affected children.  Turns out that people walk a certain distance and donate money, and the money goes to the research of how to prevent premature pregnancies and birth defects.  It also goes toward helping unstable mothers with their newborn children.
     This topic answers the question "In the face of dehumanization, how do faith and resiliency validate the human spirit?" by giving money to people whos spirits may have been broken.  This really shows that somebody does care for them and their unborn child and that they are not alone.
     I couldnt have chosen a better topic.

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