Monday, October 18, 2010


     Stephenis Meyers' Twilight really astonished me when I thought it wouldnt.
     Isabella Swan, known as Bella, has just moved across the country to Forks,Washington to live with her dad in a rainy little town that she expected absolutely nothing out of.  But that quickly changes when she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious guy that she immediately takes a profound liking to.  The part that she is not yet aware of is that Edward is a vampire, and even when she finds out, she just loves him that much more.  Edward and Bella quickly fall in love, but there are many obstacles in their path that they must overcome while maintaining a good relationship (which is not very hard for these two lovers).  This book is an epic tale of literal undying love.
     I do not reccomend this book to anyone because by the time you are done with the fourth book, you will only be wanting and craving more of what you cant have, much like Edward is with Bella, and vice versa.  

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