Wednesday, October 20, 2010


     Homecoming week is full of people with tons of spirit and excitement for the upcoming Homecoming game. Personally, I think that homecoming week is pretty darn cooleo.  I like seeing the people dress up for crazy things like Western Wednesday, and Messy Monday.
     Personally, im kind of excited about the game because it brings all of the excitement and festivities of the week to a close.  The Homecoming game is not just another game, it represents the spirit of Batesville High School at its peak, especially now that the football team is doing so well in the season. 
     The fact that there is not going to be a dance for Homecoming is kind of crappy.  I say this because I have always associated Homecoming with a fun game and dance, and without the dance it kind of takes the whole essence of Homecoming away for me.  I firmly think that there should be a Homecoming dance.

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