Monday, October 18, 2010

My Antonia book review

Willa Cather's My Anthonia proved to be very intellectual and insightful.
      The main characters in this amazing book are Antonia Shimerda, a girl from Bohemia who has just moved with her family to America, and Jim Burden, a boy who has come to stay with his grandparents.  Jim meets Antonia on a train and they become fast friends, even though Antonia cannot yet speak english.  Jim and his grandparents help the Shimerdas out upon their arrival in America and all throughout the book.  Jim and Antonias friendship grows as the years go on, only for life to make different decisions for them. 
     I highly reccomend this book to anyone who likes to read American classics because this book is definetely a classic that one can learn many lessons from.

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